Plants Coming Soon

The plants listed below should be available in the next couple of weeks.

As soon as they are ready, they will appear to the Plants available now list.

This list will be updated regularly.



Alisa Craig                Alicante                   Baby Plum Lucinda               Beefmaster

Bitonto                      Black Russian         Gardeners Delight                Golden Crown

Moneymaker            Roma                       Shirley                                   Sungold

Supersweet 100      Totem                       Tumble Tom Red                  Tumble Tom Yellow

Chilli Peppers

Apache                      Cheyenne                Scotch Bonnet

Sweet Peppers

Red Bell Pepper      Sweet Banana


Cambridge Favourite           Elsanta            Honeoye                    Symphony

Courgette, Cucumber, Melon, Pumpkin, Rhubarb, Artichoke, Sweetcorn


Runner, Broad, French


Mangetout, Sugarsnap, Normal

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