Whats going on?!

Here you will find out about the things we are doing in the Nursery at the moment. It may be a new variety we're excited to tell you about, or something that you should be doing out in your garden. This page will be updated at the beginning of each month so you will always know what is going on.

Now is the perfect time to plant your bulbs for Spring.

This is so the bulb has time to 'settle' and not start growing until the temperatures get warmer.

Check out the pictures on the right for all the varieties we are stocking.

We will have potted bulbs 'In The Green' from February onwards..

From now until early Spring 2017 we have reduced a large selection of Perennials and Shrubs. 

Our Clearance plants have finished their growing season for 2016, so don't look their best. but with a little bit of TLC from you they will be better than ever next year.

Reductions have been marked with a Clearance sticker.

28th June 2017

In a blaze of glory, Summer is well and truly here!

Hopefully all your borders and baskets have all been planted but, as always, you may find an empty pot or a gap has appeared. We still have a selection of Bedding and Perennial plants to suit your needs.

A couple of the popular bedding plants this year have been the Angelonia and the Euphorbia 'Euphoric White'. They both stand up well in a pot on their own or when planted with others.

If you haven't managed to plant your hanging baskets, (we know these things happen), we have a selection of single plant variety baskets left that you can choose from.

They are also on a 2 for £25 offer!

With the weather getting hotter as Summer progresses, certain plants really can't cope under glass. During the Heatwave we have just had, the temperature in the greenhouse got as hot as Death Valley in USA!! But with our care all our plants survived!

We have reduced the prices of most of our smaller bedding pots and 6pk bedding. When they are planted in the garden they will be wonderful with a bit of TLC.

The nursery will be in full colour for many weeks to come, so if you are in need of anything please pop in and have a look.

See you soon, Jenny and Steve

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