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Planted Hanging Baskets

We plant Summer Hanging Baskets to order.

All Baskets are planted with:

9 month Slow Release Feed and Water Retaining Gel

The earlier you order your baskets, the better we can guarantee your requirements.

We recommend ordering in March/April for May collection.

Baskets ordered after the 28th May will be subject to plant availability. Please be aware that we will need a few days to plant, we can't do same day planting.

Round Basket Refill Prices

Mixed Planting

10"               £17.00

12"               £21.00

14"               £25.00

16"               £30.00

18"               £38.00

20"               £47.00

Round Basket Refill Prices

Single Planting

10"               £12.00

12"                £16.00

14"                £20.00

16"                £25.00

18"                £POA

20"                £POA

Wall Basket Refill Prices

Mixed/Single Planting

Please ask when in the Nursery. It all depends on size and what planting you would like.

Mixed Planting

The Basket will be filled with a variey of different Hanging Basket plants for you colour and position requirements.

Single Planting

The Basket will be filled with only the same variety of Hanging Basket Plants.

For Example: All Fuchsia. All Geranium. All Petunia.

Haven't got a Basket?

We have a range of empty baskets for you to choose from.

Want it Planted?

Just add the price of the Refill.

Bizzie Lizzie and Begonia Pouches

To guarantee your requirements, pouches are best ordered before 16th April.

£19.00 each or 2 pouches for £30.00

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