COVID-19 Update (12.05.20)

Despite the government allowing garden centres to open their doors, we will not be doing so.

Instead we will be continuing to provide our 'Pay & Collect' service that is available here.

We have many reasons for doing this, not least of which are:-

1 - The need to protect ourselves and our daughter, from any possible infection sources.

2- Not having the staff to police social distancing, serve customers, protect ourselves from infection.

3- If we need to self isolate due to contracting COVID-19, we will no longer be able to work, which means dead plants and no more Nursery.

We know this makes it harder for customers to be able to do their shopping with us, but we need to protect ourselves and our business.

Jenny, Steve & Alice

COVID-19 Update (23.03.20)

Due to the current COVID-19 situation that we are ALL experiencing our doors are CLOSED.

However, we have set up a 'PAY & COLLECT' page on the website. Please click there and read the "Rules" and it will explain how we hope to enable you to still get the plants and items that you need for your gardens.

Please note that due to COVID-19 there is only myself and Steve in the nursery (and our 18 month old daughter). So please allow us a little time to answer emailed orders (as phone calls will get the answerphone, and take longer to reply). We are still potting up and maintaining all the plants behind the scenes (oh, and also doing the watering!).

Many thanks


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